Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real Girl DIY Guest Post!

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the hiatus, some family stuff came up that kept me pretty occupied. I'm excited to be back though, and especially excited about this guest post from Deb of Real Girl Runway . We did a blog swap so you can check out my thrifting tips and secondhand outfit on her page too!

Hi, I’m Deb from Real Girl Runway. Thanks so much to Kati for hosting me here today. I love Kati’s blog and her style, especially her thrifted outfits. She asked me to share a DIY creation with you. I hope you like the clutch. It was super easy and inexpensive.

There are so many cute little bags in my closet that I love but rarely use. They make appearances at
parties and dressy events. On a daily basis I need a big bag. I love the look of a clutch for day but it
has to be a large one. Several years ago, I got a Louis Vuitton zipper file portfolio at a flea market for
$20. I use it as a large day clutch. A stand-out, day clutch in a larger size is a fun alternative to a tote or
shoulder bag. I’m in love with the Large Leather Carry All Pouch that American Apparel is selling right
now. It’s on the must list and arms of many fashion bloggers. Some of them are even using the bag to
make their own with DIY projects. The $68 price tag makes it a little more expensive than I like for my
own DIY projects.

I’m always looking for new inspiration and the other day while walking through Target I spotted Duck
Tape in lots of colors and patterns. The plaid tape was so much fun in blue and purple that it inspired an idea for a day clutch DIY of my own. Originally my idea included using a padded mailing envelope as the base. While I was looking around, I found a large vinyl pouch that was perfect and only about $1 more than a padded envelope!

Supply List
  • Vinyl Zipper Pouch $3.24
  • Plaid Duck Tape $3.99
  • Chrome Duck Tape $3.99
  • Beaded Tassel $0.50
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marking Tape
I decided to use Chrome tape, in addition to the plaid, to give the clutch a little visual interest.  I started by measuring and marking the bag with tape to ensure the top and bottom were lined up correctly.  I created tape marks on both sides of the clutch. 

I measured a piece of chrome tape for the top and a piece of plaid tape for the bottom of the clutch.
Using the tape marks, I applied the chrome tape across the top. I applied the bottom piece of tape using the marks and folded the tape along the bottom of the envelope and folded it over to the other side of the clutch.

I continued the process by lining up the plaid. Then I trimmed the tape on each end and folded it into the seam.

I repeated the process on the other side of the clutch.  Then I attached the beaded tassel.  I got this tassel in a grab bag from the fabric store.  I paid $5 for a large zip loc bag full of buttons, buckles, and other items (including the tassel).  

I couldn’t wait to use my new clutch. I paired it with jeans, boots, a thin sweater, a moto jacket and hat
for a casual weekend look.

The finally tally on supplies for the clutch was just $11.72! I have even have enough tape left over
to make a few more clutches for friends. I definitely achieved my goal of a fun day clutch that fit my
bargain budget.

Happy DIY Real Girls!