Monday, May 23, 2011

Style Inspiration

This is kind of where I'm at right now style-wise:

I think my biggest style inspiration right now is myself as a toddler. Is that weird?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So I've officially completed my sophomore year at Colorado College and am on summer vacation! It's exciting, but also really sad because next fall a lot of my class is heading abroad. At a small school like mine, you really feel that absence. Two of my best friends, Zanny and Elaine are going to Cape Town and Ghana, which is amazing but I'm really going to miss them :(. It was also really stressful moving out and everything amidst all of the intense goodbye emotionss I was having (gahh I'm so angsty). Anyway, before all of that hullaballoo was one AMAZING last weekend. Every year my school holds an end of the year music festival/epic party called Llamapallooza and it was just incredible. The festivities started around noon when everyone starts bringing their couches and chairs down to the quad where they set up a huge stage and all sorts of fun booths for food and fun. Then the music and couch hopping began. We heard from Tennis, The Blue Scholars, Flying Lotus, The Motet and a bunch of awesome student bands. I wish it was possible to capture the magic of the day in a blog post, but i guess a few pictures will have to suffice.

Overall rowdiness.

I did the face paint myself!


  • Jean jacket: my mom's old Gap favorite from the 90s
  • Crochet dress: American Way thrift store in Claremont, California
  • Gold belt: Goodwill Superstore in Miami, Fl
  • Woven headband: borrowed from Zanny

Yes the grills are real...thaz my Woogs!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello there!

So I'm Kati and this is my new blog! I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year of college in Colorado Springs and getting ready to be a bit of a nomad for awhile. That means I have to figure out what to do with my ridiculously extensive wardrobe. I consider myself to have a pretty distinct style, even on my broke college student budget. I love thrifting and have kind of sworn off traditional shopping because 1) it's way more satisfying to look fucking awesome in clothes that you spent $5 on than it is to look smoking in a $50 tank top from Urban or something and 2) I'm broke and I have no other choice. So welcome to my weird world where there's nothing more exciting than finding a perfectly fitting dress amongst piles of mumus and a $6 dollar shirt is way overpriced.

Here I am being really weird per usual...