Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Cats

Many sorries for the lack of posts, I'm living in a house with no internet for the summer and I can only steal my school's network from the front yard if I'm reaalllyy lucky. It's like the 1990s or something. I'll be back to civilization soon though, I promise.

Anyway, this post is all about cats! Mostly because of this outfit:

Isn't the cat shirt fantastic??

shirt: Goodwill
skirt: Zara
mary-janes: Goodwill

I took these pictures in the awesome two room suite I've been living in while I take this summer fiction workshop. Definitely more to come on that and my thrifty interior design tricks.
The cat theme also continues with some of the incredible photos my boyfriend Xander took on his African Safari earlier in the summer. He's somewhat of a feline fanatic like I am.

Isn't he amazing? And a great sport :). He dressed up as "love cats" with me last Halloween because a) we're cheesy, b) catz rule and c) that awesome song by The Cure.

That may or may not be a wolverine wig on Xander's head and I may or may not have drawn on his nose and whiskers with eye liner...Can you crack my code?
And now I will leave you with that oh so wonderful song I dedicated an entire costume (and blog post) to:


  1. Cute tee, I love it's whiskers, and I love cheetahs! You two are adorable, too :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide