Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rebel Girl You Are The Queen Of My World

Some people think of feminism and fashion as mutually exclusive, but I like to think that one is just an awesome extension of the other. To me, feminism is all about not letting all of society's rules and expectations dictate my actions. It's about seeing past the bullshit and finding ways to be and express yourself in a world that would rather you just shut up and wear some Abercrombie. The riot grrrl movement of the 90s spawned some of the most badass women that serve as awesome inspiration, but none more than the one and only Kathleen Hanna. As the lead singer of Bikini Kill, she screamed and belted lyrics like, 
"We're not gonna prove nothing nothing
Sittin around watching each other starve
What we need is action/strategy
I want I want I want
I want it now.
I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe.
I do. I do. I do. "
loud enough that they were impossible not to hear. She smashed stereotypes with her unapologetically girly style paired with her badass ability to rock out and I will forever be in debt to her fucking awesomeness. This outfit goes out to all the rebel grrrls out there :).

I figured my adorable pup Spazzy was the only accessory I needed for this look.
Dress: Goodwill $5
Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe $25
Puppy: Heaven PRICELESS

Oh and for the record, Kathleen Hanna was also bffs with Kurt Cobain and drunkenly wrote "Kurt smells like teen spirit" on his bedroom wall which inspired the song...Yeah she's the shit.


  1. I love the colors of the dress with the ruggedness of the boots. This outfit is most certainly poetic! I love that you major in poetry! I love poetry. I actually write and perform some (and I'm aware that there are many, many kind and what one may think is poetry another could find trash, lol) but I am more of a...i don't really know how to describe it really. I just love to express myself (when need be) through words. I love spoken word and def jam poetry...the poetry that preaches. :)

    We're both some thrifty thrifters! I love Goodwill, I really do. And I really like how you put your outfits together. :)

    -Steph (

  2. Thanks, you have a great style too :). I love all types of poetry, spoken word is the shit! One of these days I'll get around to posting some of my work and I'd love to see yours too !

  3. Thank you so much for dropping by on my blog! have a great day! btw, love your blog posts and great photos too! xo

  4. this is a great post! i love it when fashion bloggers talk about things other than their outfits (yours is looking great btw)!

  5. Got so excited when I saw the title of this post, I'm a massive grunge/riot grrl fan I was obsessed with Bikini kill throughout my teens i wanted a bit of the rawrrr attitude too (it failed I'm a lot too shy and geeky to pull it of ha-ha) but I love all that it stood for and still listen to the music a hell of a lot.

    Great outfit! Love the rugged boots and your hairs awesome!


  6. woow, you have so much great vintage finds, really love how you rock those outfits!


  7. Cool photos and post! I was a teenager in the '90s but sometimes wish I'd been a little older at that time to appreciate what was going on (and start my career when the economy was better...haha). I love so much music from that decade.

  8. Personal style can and should empower women, and clothes come from the world of fashion, so I don't think feminism and fashion are mutually exclusive either. I love bikini kill and kathleen :)

    Love your blog and style, I'm following you! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  9. awesome boots!!! like it.
    Following you now,
    i hope to see you in my blog too!:)