Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rhyme and Reason

This post goes out to my dear friend and fellow poetry nerd, Ben.

When I recently took a trip to my family's beach house on Fire Island, I was ready to do nothing but lay in the sun and read.

I had finished my novel on the plane, so I set out to search through the wealth of awesomeness that is my grandparent's book collection. It spans several rooms throughout the house and fills at least 4 bookcases. My favorite find was my Grandpa Mort's old copy of The Complete Rhyming Dictionary. Now I typically don't write poetry that rhymes, but I'm constantly looking for a new challenge or spark to get me going. Anyway I went through the dictionary and made lists of my favorite words that rhyme. I think these lists are going to work as a great exercise to get the wheels churning and whatnot (always the hardest part).

Anyway here's one of my lists. I dare you to write a 6 line poem with each line ending in one of these words! Okay I don't dare you, but I'm definitely trying it.

Hard A-

This is one of my favorite writing outfits. The long loose skirt keeps from feeling constricted in any way. The button down denim shirt keeps me from looking like too much of a dirty hippie, and it has a pocket where i can put my pens.

All items from this outfit were purchased at The Arc Thrift Store in Colorado Springs

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